Discover Canada's Favorite Candy Box, Now in the US!


What's “La boîte à bonbons”?

La boîte à bonbons is a monthly candy box containing about 1kg of candies carefully selected based on your preferences. Each box contains 4 bags of 250g of different candies that change every month.

Is it possible to buy a single box, without subscribing?

If you want to try the candy box, we have the gift box that offers the possibility to test the concept for 1 month!

I want to subscribe for a set amount of months, how do I do that?

That’s EASY! We have 3, 6 and 12 month prepaid subscriptions. You can simply choose the length of time you want, and every month you will automatically receive a new box. Note that prepaid subscriptions do not renew. If you wish to renew your prepaid subscription, you need to purchase a new subscription!

I have a promo code, how do I apply it?

You can apply the promo code during checkout and/or payment in the "Promo Code" section. Please note that the promo code offers extra candy as a gift and not a discount on the total bill. Some restrictions may apply.

Do the candies contain gelatin?

To have soft gummies, you can't go without gelatin! Candies can contain beef or pork based gelatin, and sometimes they are just vegan. Don't hesitate to ask us!

I am celiac, can I eat your candy?

All of our candies are gluten free for the most part. When we decide to offer a candy containing gluten (licorice, belts etc), all precautions are taken to avoid cross-contamination. Our team has been trained on hygiene and sanitation to be aware of all practices.

What about other allergies?

If you have nut and peanut allergies, unfortunately we do not recommend eating candyies. As a general rule, we advise you to carefully read the labels of the candies you purchase online or in stores.

What is the shelf life of candy?

Our candies will be fresh and delicious for up to a year in their resealable bag. For ideal freshness, we recommend eating the candy within 6 months of arrival!

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, candies are a perishable product, so we cannot accept returns. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please email us at

When do you send out the orders?

When you subscribe, your box is prepared in 3-4 business days and shipped right away! Delivery may take an additional 3 to 4 business days depending on the recipients’ address.

How are the boxes delivered?

Our deliveries are taken care of by UPS or FEDEX. You will receive a tracking link once the order is confirmed.

How much does shipping cost

Shipping is a flat $7 for all 50 states.

My box didn't arrive, what should I do?

When your box is in delivery, you can track its progress through the tracking link provided in the email. If the box has not arrived within the suggested time frame, please email us at

I made a mistake in the address what to do?

Write to us as soon as possible with the address correction! Unfortunately, if a shipping confirmation has already been sent, that means it's too late and the box is gone. An additional $10 shipping fee will apply for returning the box.

For special orders and events, please email us:

If you have additional questions, please email us at